Heroic Procession


Heroic Procession is made up of an unlikely trio, Tijuana visual artist Hugo Crosthwaite, MALU and New York based Japanese Butoh dancer Theresa Magario. The three artists have set out to explore the intersection of performance art and social justice. The improvised production lasts 30 minutes and seeks to trace the emotional and physical journey of America’s immigrants, particularly the procession between leaving home and setting foot on American soil. The production takes place in this interstitial space, between man and nation, between nation and nation, and between graphite, dance and sound.
Crosthwaite, known for his large scale graphite drawings, will continuously draw faces and bodies of migrants, one after the other, growing the crowd. MALU, with a  collection of electronic ambient audio, fills the space with sound, interjecting this, softening, and at times aggravating, with her delicate live violin performance. Finally, Magario, adds movement in the intuitive and conceptual style of Japanese Butoh. The artists perform in threeway symbiosis, together seeking to present an avant-garde and meaningful work about an universal humanistic side to a very real political issue.